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Emma Heuklom

Reiki is univeral energy; tap into energy medicine


About Me

Emma has been practicing as an RN since 2008. She has worked locally in the hospital and community setting, as well as overseas in New Zealand and as the nurse on a private super yacht. 

A personal history of anxiety and depression, coupled with a realization that our healthcare system is not doing enough to address mental health issues, led Emma to explore further healing modalities. She found Reiki and through learning and following some intuitive nudges, ended up becoming a certified Reiki Master.  


In each session, Emma draws on her knowledge and experience of the physical body gained from her nursing career to help others understand what their body is needing. She also relies on her intuition to guide the healing and any messages that come through in the session. Emma has been told her whole life that empathy and vulnerability are her gifts. She brings these in to her practice, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to fully relax and receive the powerful effects of Reiki. 


She is available for in person and distance sessions.

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