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Emily Costa

Self care is a life long active journey.

When the body and mind are nurtured, balance may be restored. 


About Me

Coming from an artistic background, I worked in the film industry in Vancouver for several years after moving from the prairies in 2001. My decision to pursue Massage Therapy transpired from a vacation in Mexico, where I received treatments from a Massage Therapist who's skill and quality of life inspired me to consider a career change. I graduated from the 3000 hour program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2010. I've called Squamish my home for over 9 years now and it fills my cup daily with gratitude to be able to work and raise my kids in such a beautiful place.


My personal practice of self care ebbs and flows with life. It is a journey after all. My passion for learning and creating is ever present and currently I'm exploring the fiber arts, photography, yoga and superfood nutrition. 

My Approach

I have tremendous empathy and understanding for the healing process and recognize the need for customized therapeutic treatments to facilitate this journey. My approach to treatment focuses on safely addressing patient concerns, promoting full body awareness, and guiding movement with purpose and intention. By integrating education into the session, I strongly encourage my patients to be proactive in their healthcare. Throughout my practice I have gained experience in the treatment of TMJ dysfunction, headaches, scar tissue, rehabilitation from injury, frozen shoulder, and aspects of women's health including pregnancy and breast massage.

Seeing Emily for massage therapy treatments these past couple of months has been fantastic! Emily is professional and personable creating a very comfortable environment. She provides much more than a massage, she provides treatment with a plan using a thorough assessment, and sometimes I even get homework / exercises to encourage progression in-between treatments. Her jaw and nerve impingement work has been particularly helpful for me. Having a background anatomy myself, I am very impressed with her expertise and look forward to continuing working through my musculoskeletal issues with her.


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